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zhenyao Pet grooming table FAQ

zhenyao Pet grooming table FAQ

How often should my dog have a bath or grooming  ?

Inside dogs should be bathed either weekly or fortnightly with zhenyao grooming table, while outside dogs are generally bathed every 2-4 weeks. Most of Pet Perfections customers set up a regular fortnightly or monthly appointment for a hydrobath.  Regular grooming with professional grooming table such as clipping or brushing is also required for many breeds.


Severe coat matting with zhenyao professional grooming table

Many people underestimate the amount of grooming withrequired by some breeds. Matting in professional grooming table is uncomfortable and heavy, restricts movement and can cause overheating, skin problems, infections and pain. In severe cases normal clipping is impossible and the whole coat will need to be removed.

It is important to groom dogs regularly by combing their coat correctly – if not done properly brushing may improve the surface of the coat only, leaving the undercoat matted. Some breeds require clipping every six weeks or so to keep their coat under control.

Hot spots

Hot spots are a condition that can be caused by anything that irritates the skin of the dog, including matting on grooming table , fleas or mites, or even allergies. Hot spots are often visible through hair loss at the effected site, with the dog often continually scratching or licking the infected area, exacerbating the problem. Make sure you check with your vet if your dog is suffering from hot spots.

Ear infections

Ear infections are quite common in dogs, particularly with long ears. Please see your vet if your dog has an ear infection as it is a particularly painful condition, and can result in bad odours and an irritable dog that may become aggressive when it otherwise wouldn’t.


Paralysis tick

Ticks are a problem in this area, particularly in the warmer months. The blue/gray paralysis tick can kill dogs and cats. Symptoms include glazed eyes, difficulty in swallowing, drooling, forced breathing, and weakness in the legs. It is important to check your pets regularly and contact your vet immediately if any of these symptoms occur. Many owners also choose to keep dogs clipped fairly short to make tick detection easier.


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