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What is the Best Nail table Manicure Station?

What is the Best Nail table Manicure Station?

One of the most common questions we are asked by nail technicians and salon owners is “what is the best nail table out there?”. This confusion is no surprise, with a marketplace containing thousands of varying nail table ,manicure stations, how do you know which is right for your nail salon business?

ZHENYAO MT-008 nail desk in white – also available in black & light oak

When we started Zhenyao (formally named Zhenyao Hardwares) in 2004 our mission was simple; to make the everyone manicure at home and do it yourself . Since then we have become a leading name in the folding nail table manufacturer  for the beauty industry in particular, the nail services sector.

Today, a station for nail treatments should go beyond a table with space for 2 people to sit around. Alongside comfort and practicality, its vital that the nail table is able to;

  • Prevent the spread of harmful contaminants impacting on the wider environment
  • Provide safe storage for paints, polishes, sprays and acrylics when not in use.
  • Space saving and storage
  • Easy up and Easy movement

When approached for advice on selecting the best nail table, 9 times out of 10 we recommend the zhenyao MT-008 the leading solution for salons and beauty rooms providing nail treatment services. Launched in 2013, the zhenyao MT-008 is the result of years worth of careful research, design and engineering. Here’s 5 reasons that make the zhenyao MT-008  manicure table the most effective solution for nail technicians providing nail and acrylic beauty services.

What makes the best nail table on the market?

Removes 99% of all Odours, Dust & Contaminants

Nail salon employees, along with their clients, are potentially exposed to dozens of chemicals including acrylates, solvents, and biocides, such as dusts or vapors. Through the use of a wide variety of paints, polishes and acrylics, exposure can cause a multitude of health issues.

Working closely with nail technicians, our design team was able to develop the zhenyao MT-008 to a proven 99% level in the safe removal of harmful odours, fumes and dust resulting from nail services. To extract such a high amount of chemical vapour, a large downdraught air filtration grille is incorporated into the table, providing a wide area to safely perform nail services.

Downdraft nail tables place local exhaust ventilation underneath the work area and provide the means to extract potential dust or chemicals away from the breathing zone. As the dust and vapours released from nail product chemicals are heavier than air, downdraught ventilation provides a safer alternative to hood extraction techniques utilised in many nail tables.

Available in Left and Right Hand Operations

Feedback from nail technicians showed that a common annoyance associated with traditional nail manicure tables was the lack of flexibility with the positioning, due to the location of the drawers. We have eradicated this through the provision of a model designed for both right and left hand use. This is also a huge  for nail bars and beauty training centres where space can be maximised by having the units sat alongside each other.


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