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Tips From the Manicure Pedi Pros

Tips From the Manicure Pedi Pros

Nothing ruins a relaxing trip to the nail table salon than having your perfectly painted nails chip or smear after that final coat was painstakingly painted on. So here are some tips from the pros at Zhenyao to extend the life of your manicure nail table/pedis—

  • Make sure your nails(nail table) are moisturized before getting your manicure. Hydrated nail table cause less nail breakage and chips.
  • Always use a base coat before painting color on. This protects your nails (nail table )from staining and also acts as a great adhesive for the polish ensuring lasting color.
  • Apply thin coats of polish with every stroke. It dries quick and doesn’t cause bubbles.
  • Wait a couple of minutes between each coat to make sure the nail polish (nail table ) adheres properly to its base.
  • A horizontal swipe across the tip of your nails after your final coat, along the edge, seals the color in and protects your nails against chipping.
  • If you’re rushing, dip your tips in ice cold water to harden the nail polish quicker.
  • To extend the life (and shine) of your manicure, apply really thin coats of topcoat every other day.
  • Be sure to wear gloves while doing the dishes—water expands the nail bed and causes nail polish to chip.
  • Cuticle oil helps freshen up your manicure and moisturize your hand.
  • Be careful when applying skin care products. Certain types can cause nailpolish to dull and discolor like sunscreen and mosquito repellants.
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