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Nail Trends: Chic, Playful and Classy Comebacks

Nail Trends: Chic, Playful and Classy Comebacks

On certain days, there’s a distinct chill in the air that suggests summer is finally over. On others, the sun is shining so high you’d think it was just the start of summer.

Apart from crazy tropical weather wreaking havoc on your outfit game, there’s also the matter of whether your tips and toes are suited up for whatever the season may be. In short, are your manis and pedis ready for when the need to switch from sweaters and boots to sandals and sundresses demands it?

Take your cue from Zhenyao—after all, who else can better tell style-savvy girls how they can keep their nails on-trend and on fleek but the country’s biggest nail pampering destination?

Bare It All

Classic and barely-there but still made to make a deliberate statement. According to Zhenyaos’ nail salon table technicians, the best nudes of the season come from Zoya’s Naked Collection, which are opaque and are deliberately meant to mimic the look of foundation on your nails. Following the traditional make up rule, make sure your nudes match your complexion—you’ll be more than ready to mix and match with any outfit.

Bright Sheers

When it comes to brights, zheyaos’ nail salon table technicians say the goal isn’t to swipe on as many coats as you can to get that solid, opaque look. The sheer look is now intention. It’s a good way to give nails a subtle wash of color, making it perfect for sunny days as well as rainy, somber days. That said, it’s important to keep your nails healthy to pull of this nail trend.

Youthful Glow

There are baby hues—think pastels commonly seen on Easter Eggs and baby cribs; and then there are those youthful, playful, white-washed hues that lend a subtle but pretty pop of color. Think muted shades of orange and pink.

Dark and Sexy

Dark shades are making a comeback, but steer clear of the traditional blacks and red. This season’s somber hues may be dark, but are in no way conventional, making it perfect regardless of whether you’re dressing for warm or cold weather. Choose rich blues and greens, smoky pinks and grays or purples.

Shimmery Style

The glitz and glamour of the 80s are making its way back to nails in the new milenium. But rather than overdoing the shine, this season sees the arrival of semi-sheer shimmer. Wear alone for a subtle look, or layered on top of opaque polish to make more of a statement.


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